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Let me give a brief introduction on how the name Matty's Meg came about.

First off, I am the owner of the website. My name is Matthew (Matty) Swilp.

The word "Megs" comes from a shark known as the Megalodon!

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What is a Megalodon?

Megalodon Scale

Vito "Megalodon" Bartucci

About Me

Hello, and welcome to Matty's Megs. My name is Matthew Swilp and I was born in Charleston, South Carolina. I grew up in Summerville, South Carolina. My father introduced my brothers and me to fossil collection when we were just little boys. I was about 6 years old when we went fossil-hunting for the first time in Murry Mines Sand Pits off of Highway 61. From those days on, I was hooked! Today, with the help of my wife and family, I still collect fossils and Megalodon shark teeth and have since been a member of E-bay for over 4 years. We are rated as top sellers and have sold over 3,800 fossils, fossil shark teeth, and fossil-related items. My past sales include years of wholesaling to top dealers and large companies. Now, with the decline in finds of fossilized Megalodon teeth and my move to Pennsylvania, I have limited time to dive and now offer most of my finds on E-bay or online through my website. I have been selling fossils since I was 15 years old and then started diving when I was about 18. I am 44 years old now and have been dealing with fossils most of my life and look forward to many more years. please enjoy the website and if there are any questions please feel free to contact us.

A real Megalodon tooth is similar to the tooth of a shark except that the teeth of the Megalodon are enormous, and some of the largest ones are as big as a man’s hand. The largest fossilized megalodon tooth discovered was an impressive 7 3/16" inches" in length. While most of these massive teeth of the megalodon shark are found broken or cracked in some way, they can be skillfully repaired to look 100% complete. Matty's Megs offers collector-grade fossil Megalodon shark teeth in various sizes for sale and teeth that are 75% complete and range between 1-7 inches in length. Other types of shark teeth available for sale include fossil great white shark teeth, mako shark teeth, and tiger shark teeth.

Millions of years ago, during the Miocene time period, the ocean was ravaged by one of the largest and most furoscious sharks to have ever existed, the Charcharocles Megalodon. With adult sharks reaching lengths of close to 65', and maximum fossil tooth size of 7 1/16", this was by far the most deadly predator to have ever roamed the oceans. Fortunately, these sharks are long gone and now only exist as fossils. They became extinct around the Pliocene epoch, about 2 million years ago. The fossilized remains of the Megalodon can be found world-wide.

Important collector facts. For those of you who cannot understand why anyone would buy fossil sharks teeth, I can personally suggest that the purchase of these fossils is not only fun, but to hold a tooth that was used to decapitate and rip apart whales—which now are collectible in the form of fossilized whale teeth, and other marine animals, is awesome!! If you get a big tooth, it is even more awesome as then you get to imagine the size the shark would have been and the fact that the shark had row upon row of teeth that were razor sharp. For those who do not understand price, it is very simple. Teeth are broken down in various ways by most dealers and collectors. You start with the highest percent found and that is poundage material. This qualifies as halves and pieces, up to teeth that are even tipped or have a root busted at the corner. This is by far the most affordable teeth, and the most sought-after by dealers. So for those who think they can buy partials for pennies, those days were over after the seventies!! A good 5" half, for instance, is worth $20 to $35 retail. Complete teeth are graded as commercial up to a grade, museum-quality teeth. Size is graded from small to large and after the magical 6" mark the teeth can skyrocket in value. Repaired teeth have come a long way. I am a repair artist and can attest to the value. I am also a collector. Before buying anything, shop around. Compare. I have only one thing to say and it is very simple. Due to the amount of new divers, and some of the bigger dealers aggresively buying and getting new divers involved, the dive spots are getting hammered like i have never seen before in my life!! For those who invest in fossil teeth, this is news to the ears as you can only find so much, and yes, they will run out and eventually the finds will not support the divers out there. My finds are minimal compared to many years ago. I have seen other divers and what they are finding "not much", this is real, this is not a joke, and this is the future of the good stuff, buy it up, it is not going to last!!!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website,
Matthew (Matty) Swilp

7" Megalodon Teeth

For most avid fossil divers, myself included, finding a seven inch shark's tooth is the same as finding the Holy Grail. To date, there have been only a handful found in the world. Some have sold for well over $30,000. I have not found one in over 30 years of collecting, but I have come very close. I have had only a handful of teeth that would have been seven inches, and to this day when I get a good candidate for restoration and I believe it will make a nice seven-inch tooth, I get excited. I have created a couple of seven-inch teeth and also have added some teeth that are slightly under seven inches to this category for you to see and enjoy. You can see just how massive these teeth are compared to a 5 3/8" tooth in our picture gallery.

Length 7.01" x short side 6.81" x width 4.99"
Blade portion repaired

Length 7.07" x short side 6.98" x width 5.26"
Lower root and one corner repaired

length 6.90 " x short side 6.70" x width 4.8"
1/16" tip repair only

length 6.90 " x short side 6.48" x width 4.80"
No repair

7" tooth in comparison with a 5 3/8" tooth

Megalodon sharks most likely approached adult status when the average tooth was about 5 inches long or longer. This seems to be a common large-sized tooth found thoughout the world. Teeth reaching sizes of 6 1/2" to 7" long would encompass adult sharks that have lived far beyond there normal years. It is very possible that many of the largest teeth found within a miocene to pliocene fossil distribution area the length of the lower us East Coast, could be from only a handful of these record-sized sharks. The number of massive teeth do not compare respectfully to that of the more common 5" teeth. Most divers and collectors will note how many massive teeth they have or have found. Speaking in numbers, the monster teeth are very, very rare. It is very possible that the 7" teeth that have been found could have come from one shark. There were two 7" teeth found in the Ashapoo River, and where the other 7" tooth was found that I know of, I found a tooth within yards of that one that was bitten in half—that would have been a 7" tooth! This is a very rare coincidence.

Restore Fossils

Hello, my name is Matty and I do all of the restorations for Matty's Megs. I learned how to do fossil restoration many years ago while working for the Charleston Museum in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Today, I have done hundreds of restorations and now offer my services to other collectors who wish to have a prized fossil restored. I can do wonders and to-date have had many great compliments about my work. I take great pride in doing the job right.

Why buy or consider restoring a fossil? If you have ever bought or found a giant Megalodon that was broken, you often want to cry because finding the big ones is a task in and of itself. Finding a complete one is really tough. This can all be a thing of the past, as these prized fossils can be restored to their original splendor. I have many big teeth in my personal collection that are restored and they are awesome. I have done many restoration jobs on giant damaged teeth and the people who have them, love them!! If you ever cruise through a museum and go crazy looking at the wonderful fossils they have, remember one thing: in nature it is very hard to find a perfect fossil. What museums display have either been repaired, or it is a replica, or it is a collection of many bones from many animals to make up one skeleton for example. Enjoy our gallery of fossils we have restored. If you are interested in having a fossil restored please contact me for pricing and project time quotes.

Tooth was shattered in the mail, enamel was missing, and the root was damaged and cracked. One of our finest restorations.

Restorations done to the root and right side enamel corner.

Restorations done to the tip.

Repairs done to the root.

Repairs done to the root.

Restorations done to the tip.

Restorations done to the very tip.

Restorations done to the very tip.